About the Trading Post

We are interested in quality more than quantity, health and environment not toxins or genetic-modifications and instead of immediate gains, long-term sustainability.  One of the most powerful tools we have toward these goals is our spending and patronage. If focused toward our farmers and local products we can create a cycle of support and trust that provides for both the needs of the farmers and of the community. We’d even like to take it a step farther to entirely blur the line between farmers and community. After all, they are not somewhere ‘over-there’ but here… right next door, we can visit them, work with them and enjoy the benefits together.

Our vision is that all people can afford really good food and feel good about it.  Among the many opportunities to make this happen is to get involved as a member. Membership is a way for our patrons to commit their support and in return be supported by discounts and benefits. Whether by paying a cash amount or through a relationship formed by work-exchange, the Trading Post wants to be sure that if you want to be involved, you can be.

We hope you will join us and find a way to participate, contribute and benefit.

Please explore the website and then come on out and meet us at the Trading Post!